Thursday, 9 February 2012

CHAPTER 3: He deserves it.

For once I do agree. But on who deserves it, I may differ.
Sigh! How crazy can he get! He goes far into the future, of his own choice, and he wants to change it just because it doesn’t conform with current ideals, ideals that are in fact on the way out. He’s intruding into the future, enforcing our own concepts on them, them who have had nearly a millennium to learn how to improve on our world.
So he did go the Mayor’s office tower on Monday, and he grumbled. And grumbled. And grumbled. About traffic, about lane sizes, road tolls, pedestians, buses, bikes, trucks, speed limits, intersections, parking, ticket machines, shading, only to mention a few. Yet he was staying in an apartment practically above a National Bus, Tram and Subway (NBTS) train station on a line going straight to the Mayor’s office. And did I mention the complimentary BuzzRider provided by NBTS to buyers of their apartments. He could’ve just caught the 2-minutely fast and immaculate subway.  I digress.
Don’t listen to him. You’d think with all those years they would’ve built more roads, more lanes, higher speed limits, overpasses, no traffic lights, more parking, you get the gist. But instead I’m stuck behind a hippie cyclist who wants to use the middle of the sole east-bound car lane. I thought they could’ve given everyone cars by now. And I’m certainly not going down to that grimy subway and mixing with the masses, thank you very much.
So I shelled out the $1.20 for an hour and a half’s parking, and I headed into the city government office. I looked at the marble flooring. Taxpayers money down the drain. I took a lift and went to the Mayor’s office on the 67th floor, the top of the building. But I endured and knocked on the door. Loudly.
Let’s just say they had an incident. Hade presented his suburban vision for New Buzz, the mayor defended the city and saw the flaws in Hade’s plane. Hade called the Mayor, ummm, names, and long story short, he was forced out of the city and bought a house just outside the city, in semi-rural surroundings. He loved it. I stayed in the apartment
However, Hade did not give up. He set up a website, attracted two international tourists to his cause, and they pooled their financial resources (most of which was from the tourists) to open a storefront in the outskirts of the city, because ‘the buildings were more bearable’. They installed a plethora of security cameras, since the buildings were only shorter because it was a bad part of the city, which I heard was very reluctant to be amalgamated into city government. He’s crazy but he deserves an E for effort.